Isokern Pumice Magnum Firechests

Isokern Magnum Firechests - Designed for making open fires with increased performance and customising your fireplace design. Isokern Firechest is designed and made to work hand in hand with either the pumice liner system or double module blocks. This system designed as a whole can help minimise the chance of performance issues and downdraught occurring. Made from lightweight pumice the Firechests make construction easy by using interlocking components to create a rigid and well constructed recess and gather. Sealed together using Lip Glue this becomes a fast and efficient build that is proven to work achieving 41-45% efficiency model dependant. An available feature of the firechest is to incorporate a flue damper to minimise heat loss through an open flue when the fire is not in use, this has enabled the ventilation rate of the flue to be halved in the SAP rating for solid fuel only.

With and impressive chamber size of between 500-1250mm the Magnum fire chests will fit most premium project requirements 

Fire Chests are tested to EN13229

Each model is palletise and comes with with detailed assembly instructions.

The load bearing structure can carry up to 2600kg of masonry above, Should you exceed this weight you will need to

use appropriate additional lintels.