Bioethanol Fires

Bio Ethanol Fire?
A bio ethanol fire is simply a burner that ignites and burns Bio Ethanol fuel (the vapours really) to create a welcome heat and beautiful flames, normally these are controlled through automation for indoor fires, and externally these are normally called manual which is simply the fuel being burners off from the well of fuel

What is Bio Ethanol Fuel, and where does it come from? Bio Ethanol comes from the fermentation of sugars in a similar process to alcohol production. Mainly made from sugar cane, Bio Ethanol is a fuel that is becoming more popular in Europe due to its simplicity of use, low fumes and ease of installation (no specialist required to fit it). In this area you will find Bio Ethanol fuel, fires and burners for use in ready made casings or your existing fireplace.
Bioethanol is one of the most promising alternatives among sustainable fuels, Bio fuel is clean burning, smokeless and a nice alternative to real wood fires, with their intense and wandering flames, but still achieve great heat outputs for larger spaces. Bio ethanol does not generate and harmful gasses and does not have the drawbacks of most open fire which can produce sparks or hot embers.

How can Stovesaver help me with my project?
We have been supplying bio ethanol fires since their early entry into the UK fire market. we have seen all the brands and have stuck with only the best. Over the years we have produced many custom burners and casings from design through to fabrication using many different process and materials including, glass, cooper, ceramic, bronze and so on. So dont think all you see is all you can get. Don't hesitate to contact us if your project needs that something extra special.