Morso have been creating high quality cast iron stoves for well over 100 years, produced in the Morso foundry, which was established in 1853 by Niels Andreas Christensen who produced cast iron tools, pots and pans to name a few items. Morso was realised as a leading manufacturer when it received the coveted title of  Purveyor to the Royal Court in 1915. Over the next century Morso have continued to pioneer in cast iron stoves. Morso have often been ahead of all energy efficiency requirements in performance often by decades, furthermore they have grown into a global design company thats products bring warmth and comfort throughout the world. In 2015 Morso looked back at its casting heritage and with modern designs and current technology brought an exciting new range of products for the kitchen and garden. The Living range of outdoor heaters, bbqs, ovens pots, pans and accessories has already produced instant icons such as the Morso Forno outdoor oven.

Morso Forno Pizza oven in use

Morso Forno Oven

The Morso Forno outdoor oven enables you to utilise your outdoor area all year round. Outdoor living has become much more popular in recent years and ...
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