Isokern Chimney Systems

Isokern manufacture market leading pumice chimney and flue systems using natural pumice from the Hekla volcano in Iceland. Pumice is a natural insulator due to the small air pockets formed inside, tiny gas bubbles are trapped in the silica (quartz) rich Magma which are preserved once cooled (normally on its decent from the skies). Schiedel make use of this natural product to create flue liners and chimney systems. The benefits of pumice are evident for all to see, the natural insulation helps the flue get up to temperature quickly reducing performance issues associated with a cold flue, this on the flip side it takes longer to cool down which helps maintain performance to a stove/fire beneath that is dwindling in heat output as its going out, keeping the flue performance high which decreases the likelihood of condensation and soot build up. Pumice can handle extremely high temperatures also due to its formation process. Shiedel have used their knowledge to create a performance flue with a clever system of components for connection to flue pipes from the appliances below, unlike their competitors which are mainly for open flue appliances.

Isokern chimney and flues come in two systems in a large range of diameters depending upon the appliance to be served and system best for the job - double module and flue liners. Fire chests, gathers and outdoor fireplaces are also available.

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