Stuv - Belgian stoves which have reshaped the industry, through alternative thinking, but grounded in customers desires and needs. Gérard Pitance and Benoît Lafontaine founded the product design studio Concept in Forme in the early 1980's, from this they produced the Stuv 60 which was a huge success. From their early triumphs they produced the first retractable door fire that could be a closed appliance or open fire. Stuv quickly grew from 5 dedicated staff to a team of fifty plus during the 1990s. Stuv have continues this approach of concept, design and manufacturer of the highest quality stoves with innovation, harnessing new and available technologies, with products such as the Stuv 30 range, which enables a free standing or inbuilt stove to have a glass door giving fantastic views of the fire but maintaining the highest efficiency, open fire when you want to feel the heat and listen to the logs as they combust, or even do a little Barbequing with the accessories, the steel door encloses the fire for when slumbering, these options give you the ultimate all round control of the fire and its operation according to your lifestyle. Stuvs most recent advancements come in the the Stûv P-10 pellet stove, which is ground-breaking due to its zero particulate emissions and yet still has the design and customisation Stuv demand.