BBQs & Pizza Ovens

Traditionally barbequing (or barbacoa) consisted of digging a hole in the ground and placing your meat over a pot to collect the juices and lighting coals wrapped in leaves, left for a few hours to roast - Thank goodness for amazing innovations and technological advances in outdoor cooking from manufactures such as Morso, Kamado Joe, Girse and others to take all the time and hard work out of your busy schedule, crack open a bottle of plonk, and cook some awesome Meat, Seafood or Vegetables! We hope you will enjoy these products as much a ourselves and many of our customer do!

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of art that gets hot too (Man, Fire!) then take a look at our firepits, firebowls and heaters, to add that WOW factor to your garden.

You can buy all items sold on stovesaver on interest free credit to help spread the payment!

Morso Forno Pizza oven in use

Morso Forno Oven

The Morso Forno outdoor oven enables you to utilise your outdoor area all year round. Outdoor living has become much more popular in recent years and ...
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