Isokern Double Module DM36 Chimney System Pack - 150mm (6") Diameter flue 4.5m High by Isokern Chimney Systems

Isokern DM Chimney System Pack
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  • Description

    Please contact us for an other quantities, dimensions or flue diameter.

    This Chimney System includes:

    1x  126357 ISOKERN DM36 - 125-150mm i/d (205mm o/d) stainless steel decreaser
    adaptor as standard - Please choose 150mm if required for 6" stove outlet
    1 x 130716 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm i/d 360 square support block 100mm high
    1 x 126363 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm i/d 255 x 255 starter flue block 125mm high
    18 x 130714 ISOKERN DM36 - 360mm square casing 250mm high
    18 x 126369 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm i/d 255x255 flue block 250mm high
    1 x 130710 ISOKERN DM36 - 490mm square capping - render
    5 x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg) 
    1 x 135070 ISOKERN DM36 - Top Ring (for ventilation)
    1 x 130732 ISOKERN DM36 - Raincap (with fixing rods for top ring)
    6 x 130689 ISOKERN DM Stainless steel casing wall tie
    12 x  102629 ISOKERN DM 1m reinforcing rod
    1 x  130696 ISOKERN Chimney Notice plate

    And Isokern Pallet Delivery (3-5 Business Days)

    Optional Items - What's Included when this item is ticked and paid for...

    Offset Blocks - You will receive 
    1x 126378 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm high 150mm i/d 360 x 435 offset block (86mm, 30degree offset)
    1x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg) . 
    Remember - The Offset Blocks are 150mm high and move the flue centreline over 86mm. So 5x blocks will move your flue centreline over up to 430mm and this would add 750mm in height.

    45 Degree Entry Flue Blocks  - You will receive 
    1x 130709 ISOKERN DM36 - DM36 45º flue entry kit (four parts) 500mm high
    1x 130713 ISOKERN DM36 - 360mm square casing & soot door 250mm high
    1x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg)  

    Corbel for Brickwork  - You will receive 
    1x 130715 ISOKERN DM36 - 570mm square corbel for brickwork 75mm high 
    1x 130711 ISOKERN DM36 - 690mm square capping - brickwork
    1x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg) 
    1x 300mm Terracotta Chimney Pot in Lieu of Top Ring and Raincap 
    This option is not suitable any more due to 
    Please note - We do not remove any outer casings as these in some instances will still be used with brickwork, especially when the brickwork id stack over 1.4m or in high wind areas above 1.1m).

    Chimney Pot Upgrade - You will receive
    A 200mm x 300mm Terracotta Chimney Pot - this will be in Lieu of the raincap and top ring. Remember this will change this system from 0mm to combustibles to minimum of 38mm clearance. (Offset Block still require 38mm minimum with either option)

    Extra 500mm of Blocks and Liners - You will receive
    2x 130714 ISOKERN DM36 - 360mm square casing 250mm high
    2x 126369 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm i/d 255x255 flue block 250mm high
    1x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg)

    Extra 1000mm of Blocks and Liners - You will receive
    4x 130714 ISOKERN DM36 - 360mm square casing 250mm high
    4x 126369 ISOKERN DM36 - 150mm i/d 255x255 flue block 250mm high
    2x 130771 ISOKERN DM - Lip glue (5kg)

  • Technical Information

    Isokern Double Module with Blow Torch

    Isokern DM (DOUBLE MODULE) is the Market leader in Lightweight Pumice Chimney System. The double wall system helps retain the flue gas heat inside the flue system (where its meant to be), this helps maximise performance of the chimney stack effect and overall appliance performance. The simple design of a separate inner liner block and an outer casing help minimise heat transfer and allows thermal movement within the system, reducing the chance of cracking which can lead to flue leakage.

    Lets take a look at the chimney system and some construction examples and a bit of information to help!  This is for DM36 which each out casing is 360mm x 360mm x 250mm high.

    Here we will start at the bottom where you will be connecting to a closed appliance (most likely a stove, open Wood fires only from 200mm (8") flue diameter and upwards). You will normally start the flue using a Support block which sits onto Lintels or cast in situ concrete pad, the support block has a spigot on the underside which is designed for connection to your stove using the Isokern stainless steel adapter (choose the correct diameter or your stove.)

    Isokern Support Block Example

    If you are positioning the chimney system immediately behind your stove ,in the room behind or outside then you will more likely create and installation similar to the image below. Here the chimney system can be built off a suitable floor construction/foundation and routed vertically to terminate at the required height. Your stove flue connection can be then routed off the top of your appliance at a 45 degree angle through the wall in between (suitably protected obviously and only using stainless steel flue pipe, In the UK we work to 3x flue Diameter for distance to combustibles, or 100mm of solid masonry in between the flue pipe and the combustible). You will create a space beneath the connection for access into the flue for sweeping and inspection by using a soot door. In the image you will also wee the re-enforcement rods which we recommend for the entire flue system, but are only mandatory when a free standing stack of above 1.4 metres high is present, where you will install the same length below as above the roofline, so generally 3m + of rods are required.


    How to install Isokern Chimney blocks?. 
    Once you have your suitable base/support block in place you glue the Pumice Chimney blocks and liners together using Lip Glue, On the first outer casing you will pace this lip up (Male Side Up), and the inner liner you will install a starter length (Socket / Female side up) which is 125mm high (half height), this places all subsequent liner joints above centrally to the outer casing, helping to ensure a tighter and more structurally sound chimney stack construction. When applying the lip glue is should be applied to approx. 12-15mm bead in the pattern below, when the next block is placed and positioned the final lip glue seal should be approximately 2mm thick 


    Stainless steel wall ties are mandatory every 1.5m  for external chimney stacks and where the chimney stack becomes free standing as it travels through the roof structure. Internal chimney stacks are optional, however we still recommend the same, as its a minor cost saving to omit these and we prefer the belt and braces approach.

    Isokern DM Stainless Steel Ties

    Passing through combustible floors or structures.


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