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Different styles of stoves




Traditional stoves come in a range of styles including, double door, single door, cast iron, steel and many more. Perfect for that older style house or settings if you are wanting a stove that fits in with its surroundings and isn't hard on the eyes then look no further. This is just a quick insight into traditional stoves. There are many manufacturers out there but here are just a few who deal with traditional style stoves. Clearview this includes there full range. Stovax offer a large range including the Stockton which is their most popular model. Hunter have some great traditional stoves that include different door styles, double doors and even doors front and back of the stove great for heating two rooms at the same time and making a focal point. Carron cast iron stoves are great simple stoves with cool colours to match most rooms including, enamelled white, red, green, blue.
There are many more traditional stoves to choose from in a range of heat outputs and sizes.




There are a huge range of modern contemporary stoves out there. Pushing the boundaries of style, function and technology. With the modern styling straight lines, sleek curves the description can go on and on. Modern stoves can not only suite a modern surrounding but will fit perfectly at home in a traditional setting. There are many manufacturers that are prepared to lift the modern bar higher and higher experimenting with materials, designs these creating technology in many stoves like cleanburn, which pushes hot air down the surface of the glass to keep it clean. Here are just a few manufacturers that create these modern stoves, Stovax, Morso, Rais, Eco-ideal, Firebelly, Aduro and many more. The picture that can be seen to the right is of a Skantherm turn. The Skantherm range is a truly modern stove which are trying to push the boundaries, including freestanding stoves complete with hanging log store. The Skantherm balance incorporates a full wall of shelving and seating options this just shows what can be achieved and how far we have come from the traditional wood burning stoves.




Cassettes come in all shapes and sizes many to fit most openings, they can also join two rooms together with some double sided models. Cassette stoves can be built into fake chimney breasts or using the existing wall, the cassettes fit normally flush with the finished wall, this depends on the type of cassette. This gives a full view of the flames through the glass window and gives a modern setting to any room. Different frames are available depending on manufacturer these can be glass, steel, curved straight and in a range of colours to suite the setting. In some cases cassettes can be simpler to install and need less fittings, this depends on build. All in all cassette stoves offer a clean contemporary look that are easy to use and clean.